Walker: Rebranding

One of the largest projects I undertook with Walker was to help them develop a new brand.

When I arrived at Walker there were more than half a dozen different iterations of the Walker logo being used, from decals on the tractors to marketing materials. The challenge was to bring it all under one brand, one look, that would unify our company internally, as well as present a cohesive message to our distributors, dealers, and end customers. The new brand also needed to respect our 30+ years of manufacturing history while being approachable to a new generation of lawn care enthusiasts.

When I arrived this was our main logo:


A few of the challenges we were experiencing with this logo:

  • The ratio of this logo is 10:1, which made it difficult to use across the many platforms we operate in (web, print, product design, and retail/clothing)
  • The serif font is dated and the thin white inset made it difficult for use in embroidery.
  • The mower deck artwork in the middle is confusing, especially to those who have no familiarity with the product.

In order to respect our company history, I knew I didn’t want to create a net-new logo. For inspiration I went to our original logo, designed by our company president Bob Walker on his draft table in the late 1970’s.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.19.11 PM

I liked the potential of utilizing the WMC and creating a badge out of it. By creating a badge I was able to fix any potential kerning problems that are created between the ‘W’ and ‘A’ above. It also allowed the potential to utilize the badge as a stand-alone peace of branding.


As much as I love the nostalgia of the font that Bob Walker created, I knew we needed a more contemporary font . I utitilized the ‘A’ in Walker as the building block of a new san-serif font to build the word Walker. The final major decision I made was to drop the word ‘Mowers’ from our logo. After over 30 years in the manufacturing industry I felt we had the right to be confident in our company’s name as it stand alone. It also allowed us the future opportunity to expand our product line outside of mowers without having to rebrand.

Walker Logo


The new branding has been in place for three years and continues to gain notoriety in the industry. We’ve been able to implement it in our product design as well as our marketing.

For a more in-depth view of the process you can watch this video we created for Walker’s distributors to show them the why and how of our branding change.